Monday, May 1, 2017

Final_BobWhite Manatee Transmission Line Project

 Above is a couple of slides taken from my final project for the BobWhite-Manatee Transmission Line proposed along the Sarasota and Manatee counties located in the state of Florida.  The Final was a combination of all of the material covered in the Introduction to GIS course.  The objective was to generate maps using the ArcGIS software to determine how much of an impact the proposed new transmission line would have on the counties (including schools, daycares, enviroment (protected lands and homes, including the overall length of the transmission line) along its route.

Please refer to the links below to access the power point slides and transcript

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Georeferencing, Editing and ArcScene - Week13

In the first half of this weeks lab we took a look at Georeferencing .  We found the RMS error values for first and second order polynomials using control points by linking the known referenced data to the unknown image. The second half of the lab was used to generate a scene in 3D of the roads, buildings, and images of the UWF campus.  This is was done using the ArcScene.  The files attached are a representation of both maps created for this lab.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Geocoding and Network Analyst, Week12

This weeks course was an introduction into Geocoding and Network Analyst.  For this lab, we were asked to lookup and setup an address locator in the Lake County region of Florida.  Using both the Geocoding process and Network Analyst tools, we were able to create and find an optimal route for certain EMS stations in the area.  I found the tool to be very useful specially when using the Network Analyst tool in finding locations.  Above is a map created depicting three EMS stations along with the route needed to get to these locations.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Buffers and Overlay, Vector Analysis2

In this weeks lab, we took a look at creating scripts in Arcpy.  We learned how writing code can be simplified when similar scripts are needed to save time.  Along with writing script, both the buffering and overlay tool was used to select features within the areas selected.  The maps above is an example of selected camp sites in the Desoto National Forest created using these tools.    

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Data Search - DeSoto County, FL

In this weeks lab, we were asked to create a map using several of the key tools/steps learned in the first half of the course (including vector data clipping covered in this weeks material).  The map was designed using 9 layers (county boundaries, cities, roads, surface water, public land, invasive plants, land cover, DOQQ and a DEM) pertaining to the county we were assigned too.  The area I was assigned to was the DeSoto county located in the southwestern part of the state.  As you can see from my map, there are not that many cities in the county.  The area mainly consists of roads, land, and surprisingly several invasive plants.          

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Projections, Part 2

In this weeks lab, we were asked to generate a map of one of the counties of our choice located in the Escambia county using the information downloaded from the following two online sites; and  The map was to consist of aerials, topographic, quadrangles and shapefiles downloaded from these two sites.  I chose the county of Pensacola located in the northern part of Florida (UTM 16).  The map above was created using the STCM (storage tank contamination monitoring) X,Y coordinate system provided by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to project Petroleum Tank locations (shown in red).

Thursday, February 16, 2017


In this week’s lab assignment, we took a look at Projections.  Using the Albers, UTM and State Plane N coordinate systems, we were able to collect data (area) for 4 of the following counties in Florida: Alachua, Escambia, Miami-Dade and Polk.  As expected, the results for each county varied depending on the coordinate system used because of the way each coordinate system is tied to the earth.